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Comprehensive Security Services

Comprehensive Security Services Los Angeles


Backed by over 25 years of Public Safety management experience. With hundreds of satisfied clients from business, industrial and residential sector. Spear Security is confident that we can provide you with experienced, professional, well-groomed, licensed, and insured Security Professionals.

Supermarket Security Services

 Convenience store security was largely seen as a police problem. The more serious problems that affected these late-night businesses were crimes like armed robbery and assaults on customers and store employees. Spear Security offers 24/7 security services to keep your store safe all the time.

 Shopping Mall Security Services

Shopping center securityhas become a necessary component to safely operate large regional shopping centers. Let’s face it, no one wants to shop in an environment that is perceived to be unsafe. With our experience and expert knowledge we assist you in all security related questions. This service entails identification of any potential security vulnerabilities and detailed recommendations to reduce or eliminate problems in existing or new security concepts.

Hospital Security Services


Because of the sheer volume of patients and staff passing through the hospitals it is impossible to monitor every move. Spear Security are dedicated to providing the safest environment possible for your patients, families, visitors, faculty and staff. With the establishment of the new Integrated Security System in the Medical Center, we intend to improve upon our successful efforts to create a safe and secure environment using the best technology, resources and people available.


Construction Site Security Services


Industrial security products are widely used as an important step in risk management by corporates. These equipment serve a major function in helping to reduce or eliminate vulnerabilities present in the industrial defense system. We offer you industrial security products that are scientific, reliable, and above all, efficient.

Commercial Buildings
Government Facilities
Banking Institutions
Construction Sites
Residential Communities
Commercial Yards
Television Set/Studio Lot Services
Celebrity/Royal Family
Executive Protection

Our security officers are to patrol site constantly, make routine checks of company's property and other assigned areas, and make necessary reports (DAR-daily activity report and incident reports) as required. Any unusual incidents or unsafe conditions will be reported by our security personnel and promptly shall submit a written report. Our field supervisor will make a routine patrol and is available to assist you at any time in case of emergency.

Some of the additional advantages for using our services are:


  • Sharp, High Profile Appearance
  • High Security Officer Recruitment Standards
  • Continual On The Job Training
  • Qualified, Rapid Response Supervision
  • Vehicle Field Supervisor
  • Superior Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Fire & Safety Consultants
  • 24 Hour Response

Business Security Management

In a volatile world, business security management is often needed to ensure a safe, secure working environment.  Just watching the nightly news can make case for the necessity of business security management in an instant.  One of the best tools to implement when providing a secure business environment is on-site security personnel.  Hiring a team of professionals like Spear Security to provide business security management is a smart move that will protect your customers, protect your employees and protect your money and investments. If people are going to do business with you, they want to know they are safe coming into your store, mall, or warehouse.  All it takes is a few car burglaries or violent altercations at your work location to build a bad reputation in the area, no matter what the cause.  Business security management employing security personnel is a huge deterrent for would-be burglars, shoplifters, or muggers.    

The people who work for you can make or break your organization, and the most important step in keeping them happy and content is ensuring their safety with business security management.  Customers may come and go, but if your employees don't feel safe or fulfilled enough to enjoy their job, the customers will likely never come at all. Finally, business security management can help protect your money and investment into your business. The existence of money, expensive equipment and merchandise in your business is typically what creates the need for advanced business security management.  If your organization deals with large amounts of cash, it is vital for you to keep security personnel on staff. Business security management is an investment in your business, and at Spear Security, we're proud to provide you with this important service.

Security Guard Services Los Angeles

Spear Security has a team of highly trained security personnel who are qualified to serve on our security guard services Los Angeles group. We have a twenty four hour a day response window, meaning that our clients can rest easy knowing they are protected and safe around the clock. Additionally, our security guard service accounts are available for our clients online at our website for online management of their security needs.

Our security guards are complete professionals who are guaranteed to provide a sharp, high profile appearance, a discreet, low profile attitude and qualified, rapid response should a security breach occur. The men and women on our security guard service Los Angeles team are highly trained, and continue their on the job training regularly to make sure they are always prepared to handle the most current threats. Additionally, we provide a vehicle field supervisor for our security guard teams who serves as an experienced point of contact to organize the security effort. Spear Security also maintains fire and safety consultants as part of our security guard services team to ensure preparedness for any and all security related situations. Regardless of your security guard needs, our California team is skilled and ready to provide a safe environment for you and your company.
Los Angeles can be a dangerous environment in terms of theft and robbery. Security guard services in Los Angeles are a critical service for businesses and warehouses to have. Los Angeles security guard services protect an owner from losing valuable assets to theft or having their property, plant, or equipment vandalized.  Security guard services protect businesses and individuals from Los Angeles' criminal subculture that prey on facilities and business that are left unguarded.  Many criminals scope out a building or business before they decide to rob it in order to see if they have security guard services. Those business and buildings that employ security guard services in Los Angeles are much less likely to be robbed or targeting by criminal activity. Because of this, having a Los Angeles security guard service is a great deterrent for criminals.  In addition to deterrence, Los Angeles security guard services can maintain order among employees and customers. Security guards can ensure unruly behavior is not allowed on your business' premises. Whether it be an irate customer or angry employee, a security guard service in Los Angeles  has the ability to defuse most situations and remove agitated individuals from your property and place of business.

Spear Security is a trusted name in Los Angeles security guard services.  Our professionally trained and reliable security guards ensure you are receiving the best security services.  Spear Security has been a Los Angeles staple for the past decade and provides excellent security guard services for both business owners and individuals in the area.  Equipped with the best training and equipment, Spear Security's guards are a force not to be reckoned with.  Criminals know the Spear Security reputation as an elite crime prevention force and will most likely be deterred from targeting your business if they know it's protected with our professional, highly trained security staff.   

To learn more about our general security services, please contact us with any questions, and we would be happy to offer solutions based on your individually customized needs.
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