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Spear Security's satisfied clients can attest to the fact that our Security Management Solutions can help save money, as well as increase customer and employee safety.

Our professional appearance and demeanor are designed to be a reflection of your image, while also serving as a deterrent to the criminal element.

What We Offer

Quality assurance of our security services means diligent attention to the client and a demonstrated ability to fulfill our commitments. Establishing quality of service at the beginning of a contract and maintaining or improving that quality of service during the contract are of primary importance to Spear Security.

In order to successfully realize consistency of quality, a number of factors require special attention in any security service . These are:

  • Providing Security Officers who have a commitment to quality and a conscious desire to continually excel in the performance of their duties.
  • Establishing, at once, compliance with security policies and procedures mandated by clients and maintaining that compliance at all times.
  • Spear Security is geared towards providing management and operational support through an on going program of quality control.

Our Security Personnel are always: Security Management Service

  • Punctual, never late and always on time
  • Well groomed and in proper uniform
  • Intensively trained for security work
  • Possess thorough knowledge in duties and obligation
  • Well Supervised
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